The Hungarian Cave Rescue Service was in the right place at the right time

Mátyás-hegyi-barlang mentés barlangi mentőszolgálat bmsz caverescue

On January 21, 2023, an extraordinary incident occurred during the "caver style" tour of the Mátyás-Hegyi cave: one of the participants (a man of about 50 years old, of average build) became ill at the "Wild Waters Path" section of the cave and it became obvious that he could not continue the hike. There it was discovered that the problem was due to insulin resistance.

In such cases, the guide will reverse the tour and escort the group of 9 out of the cave, or in more serious cases, alert the Hungarian Cave Rescue Service. This would have poiled the tour for the rest of the group, if they had to turn back. Fortunately, the tour leader knew that the Rescue Team was practicing in the cave, so he exploited the situation and asked them directly for help. Two minutes later, a small cave rescue team was right beside him, two of whom escorted the stranded hiker out of the cave.

If the Rescue Team had not been nearby, the guide would have been forced to interrupt the hike, either to escort the man out with the help of his fellow hikers and continue he hike (if the others had not given up), or, in a more serious case, to "sound the alarm" and wait for the Rescue Team to arrive.

The team members were happy with the quick help of the Rescue Service, as they were able to continue the tour with the others in a good mood.

Photo by Márton Kovács