Organizational structure of Hungarian Cave Rescue Service

The organizational form of our service has changed several times since its establishment in 1961. We belonged to the Red Cross and other organizations as well. We have been operating as an association for the last 3 decades. Our members do volunteer work, and our association is ranked at the highest level of public interest by laws.

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There is a peculiar duality in the organizational structure of the Hungarian Cave Rescue Service.

The operation of the organization is ensured by the association. The association is a democratic organization, the highest decision-making body of which is the General Assembly, which consists of ordinary (full-fledged) members.
The day-to-day operation is managed by the Board elected by the General meeting. The members of the Board can be viewed by clicking here:

Professional division:

The Hungarian Cave Rescue Service has three units.

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Conducting rescue operations

The Head of the rescue operation is the sole responsible leader of the given rescue operation. If all certified leaders are hindered from the given mission, other suitable persons may be appointed for certain actions.

Rescue groups work under the direction of the rescue operation leader, with 2 to 12 people, in each case under the direction of the appointed rescue group leader. Each of the participants in the rescue operation is obliged to follow the instructions of the designated leaders.

Operation managers

Supervisory board

The body that ensures the legal operation of the association is the Supervisory Board, which has one chairman and two other members.