An elderly hiker got ill in the Pilis Mountain

Pilis mentés barlangi mentőszolgálat kihűlt turista

The Erosion-team caving group conducted a weekend cave exploration near the "Vörös-út"just above Klastrompuszta. A young man turned to them for help, stating that his grandfather had fallen ill on the upper section of the " Vörös-út", he could not continue the hike, because he had become so weak that he had to lie down on the snow covered road.

Members of the cave exploration group, who are also the members of the Hungarian Cave Rescue Service, immediately set out to help the man. At the site, the elderly man was examined, given first aid and protection from the cold with insulation blankets. The emergency services were also notified.

The location was not accessible by normal civilian car, and the ambulance could not reach the site either, so the rescuers carried the elderly man and his son down to Klastrompuszta in an four-wheel–drive car, where they were handed him over to the ambulance. The whole operation from the start to the handing over to the ambulance took only 40 minutes.
Four cave team members and two cave explorers took part in the rescue.

We wish the elderly man a quick recovery!

Az idős úrnak mielőbbi felépülést kívánunk!

Fotó: Turi Zoltán