Rescuing a hiker with broken ankle on Ezüst-hill

2021 ezusthegy1

On January 16, 2021, at 4:40 pm, we received a call out of an injured hiker from the Pilis Mountains. The 53-year-old lady was injured on a hiking trail (marked with red line) leading up to the Ezüst-hill in the foreground of Nagy-Kevély-hill, not far from the borders of Üröm – Pilisborosjenő cities, very close to the TTE hut commonly known as the "Rheumatism Hut". The darkness was fast approaching, she could not stand on her feet because of her injury, nor could leave the scene with the help of her companions due to the snowy, slippery conditions.

After the call out, one of the Hungarian Cave Rescue Service members was the first to arrive at the scene, who was trail running nearby, so he hurried to the injured’s location quickly after receiving the call out alarm. Shortly afterwards, another of our cave rescuers, who was hiking in the nearby Kevély-hill, arrived to the scene. First aid was given to the injured lady, then they covered here with the clothes they had, protecting her from hypothermia, as the temperature was below freezing.

Soon after we arrived to the scene with 21 people (20 from the Hungarian Cave Rescue Service members, and 1 member of the North-Hungarian Association of Cave Rescuers), including a rescue doctor. We provided protection for the injured against cold with bubble wrap and insulating blankets, provided the patient with analgesics, secured her ankles with a special device. After the necessary treatments, joint with the Budapest Disaster Management I and III district teams and with the help of the Pilisborosjenő Volunteer Firefighters, we transported the lady in trouble to the ambulance waiting 1 km away. The first 200 meters of the transport of the injured took place in snowy, extremely exposed, steep and slippery terrain.

At 18:15, the injured was handed over to the Pilisvörösvár unit of the National Ambulance Service, who transported her to the National Institute of Traumatology of Péterfy Hospital. We wish her a speedy recovery!


2021 ezusthegy