Cave rescue training for women

Gyakorlat a sziklafalon

4 members of the Hungarian Cave Rescue Service attended an international cave rescue training course specifically for women at the invitation of the Cave Rescue Service of Slovenia (Jamarska Reševalna Služba). The course was being held from 24 June to 1 July, 2018 in Scezna, Slovenia.


In addition to the Hungarian delegation, cave rescue women (and some lucky men) from Germany, Switzerland, Croatia, Slovenia, Montenegro, Turkey and Ukraine also came to the training.

The aim of the training was on the one hand to share and deepen the knowledge of rope technique used for rescue (which is becoming more and more uniform throughout Europe), on the other hand to transfer the knowledge that enabled women who might be physically weaker than their male counterparts to participate effectively in a rescue.

The application of a uniform technique throughout Europe ensure that the rescue services of different countries can work together in a coordinated and effective manner in case of major rescue operations requiring international cooperation.

2018 slovenia2

During the well-structured training we reviewed the basic rope technical elements, then step by step, we compiled more complicated maneuvers needed to transport the stretcher first practicing on a rock wall and then twice in the second half of the week in caves. In addition to the rescue technique, we have also seen new ideas for the health care and warming of the injured, which we are considering testing in domestic conditions. 

As the training was carried out with the support of the Administration of the Republic of Slovenia for Civil Protection and Disaster Relief, it also received a lot of emphasis in the press. 

On the part of Hungarian Cave Rescue Service, Nikolett Rehány, Zsolt Sándor, Zsuzsa Szittner and dr. Zsófia Erzsébet Zádor participated in the training.

We hope that the good relations that have been established will serve as a basis for closer cooperation in the future.

Photos: Zsolt Sándor, Zsuzsa Szittner. More pictures avaliable here