Unfortunate death in Abaliget cave

On the afternoon of August 4, 2018, a man participating in a tourist cave tour in the Abaliget Stalactite Cave became ill and his circulation collapsed as he made his way up the stairs leading to the Great Hall at the end of the built-up part of the cave.

Accidentally, as a visitor to the tour, one of the doctors of our rescue service started an immediate resuscitation together with the arrived National Ambulance Service however the man's life could not be saved.

The corpse was transported to the surface by external members of the BMSz present and arriving at the site, on the stretcher of the territorial unit.

We must emphasize that the Abaligeti Cave - like the other visitor friendly, pre-built, sometimes wheelchair accessible, visitable caves in Hungary - can be visited in complete safety in street clothes, without any training. Unfortunately, the issue that happened can occur anywhere, on the street, or even at home. 

BMSz expresses its condolences to the relatives of the deceased.