Saving exhausted hikers in Pilis

On the evening of 22th September 22, we were alarmed that a young girl named Kinga had become incapable of walking on the steep slope close to the Ajándék Cave (Gift Cave) near Kesztölc, Pilis. Her partner, Daniel called the 112 emergency number and through this the Cave Rescue. After contacting Daniel, we known that was no any injury, only poor experience in trekking in difficult terrain and wearing inappropriate shoes. Based on this, we decided that there is no need for stretcher transportation. Equipped with rope, hot tea, a good size boot, a sandwich, plus a helmet, our rescue team launched. We learned from Daniel that the fire department was already looking for them, but a distant siren is heard only. We asked them not to move away from them venue and to warm each other as much as possible. Fortunately, it was dry weather, about 15-16 degrees.

Daniel was able to give their GPS coordinates, which revealed that their location was near the Gift Cave on the Csévi cliffs, about halfway between the top and bottom of the steep hillside. From Klastrompuszta we set off on foot in the direction of the coordinates and soon met one of the fire trucks parked under the Legény Cave. 

Firefighters said they had tried to approach the coordinated location by car for the time being, but could not get close. Together with some firefighters, we climbed up for the indicated location, not on a tower, but on most of the level on the path to Vacska Cave and Ariadne Cave, then from here we went about horizontally over the Legény and Leány Cave and after circa 3-400 meter traverse, we reached Daniel.

Firefighters stopped at a difficult section and set a rope way, which practically meant laying handrails.

Meanwhile Daniel and Kinga got some hot drink by the mix of our hot tea and their cold water. Kinga picked up the boots, got a helmet and a lamp, and started back across the traverse to the Vacska Cave.

Kinga walked awkwardly and inexperiencedly on the steep slope - though the boots helped a lot - but we were soon helped her with securing rope. The return took about twice as long (one and half hour) as the way to there. We arrived at the cars under the Legény Cave at about 11:45 p.m. Along the way, we also used handrails built by firefighters on the most difficult section. As there is no more night public transport from Dorog to Budapest, we cerried them to Szentendre, from where there is a bus to Budapest every 2 hours. In addition to the firefighters and Cave Rescue, a cave researcher Richárd Kovács contributed for the rescue, thank you for help!