Hiker with broken ankle under the summit of 'Pilis-tető'

The last Sunday of January 2021 was an excellent time for hiking. Many people went to hiking in the mountains surrounding the capital. A few inch snow covered the landscape at the heights.

The Hungarian Cave Rescue Service (BMSz) emergency phone rung in the early afternoon: a 52 years old lady in Pilis-mountain suffered an ankle injury. She shared the exact GPS coordinates with us so the location could be accurately identified. The hikers protected her from the cold with coats, and some cavers who also hiked nearby covered her with a blanket. We know the area well, our members use to researched caves here.

Our rescuers were put on standby and a small group was launched by truck who were able to approach the venue by car 500 feets away.

After a quick first aid, we managed to get to the car very quickly, from where we could easily transport the injured lady to the nearby Pilisszentkereszt settlement.

In the center of the settlement, we handed over the injured to the Hungarian National Ambulance Service, who transported her to the National Accident Institute for further care.

Hope she will get well soon!