Hungarian cave rescuers in the deepest cave of the Earth

The deepest dry pointAt the night of the first of August 2016, a four-man caving team set off from Budapest - . Gergely Ambrus (leader) and Peter Adamkó jr. cave rescuers, Attila Jager and Attila Tóth cave explorers to make a trip into the deepest cave of the Earth. The Kubera-Voronja cave system is in Abkhazia, it opens in the Western Caucasus over 2250 meters above sea level (click here!). The cave is 2197 m deep, currently known as the deepest cave of the world.

The team arrived to the scene on the 5th of August and after a few short warm-up trips the big tour launched on the 8th: the team stayed 9 days ungerground (with sleeping in the cave), and on the morning of the 13th they reached the deepest dry point of the cave at 2 080 meters below entrance level.

Here, from home we rooted for them and for everything to be all right, and three hours earlier as planned, in the morning of the 17th, at 5 am, the team successfully reached the surface. Congratulations, we are proud of you guys!

On the surface again :)

In the past few years, seven Hungaran cavers have already visited the deepest point of the cave, also members of the cave rescue service: Márton Kucsera, Zsolt Németh, Lajos Sass, József Zih, Péter Kunisch, Dénes Pataki and Attila Nyerges. They helped the current team greatly by sharing past experiences.

One objective of the expedition was photo documentation, here are two photos from the deepest point and the entrance in advance. In the following days the team – accompanied by local researchers – is going to visit some other caves in the the area. The team is expected to arrive home at the end of the month. Events can be followed by cicking here to the facebook page of Inverse Everest.