Press release

Dear cavers, dear friends! 

The Hungarian Cave Rescue Service, together with several cave rescue and diving services, has been organizing and performing several search and rescue operations inside the Kossuth Cave. These activities are related to the accident that happened on Sunday. Cave rescue service personnel, cave divers and civilians are engaged in a physically and especially mentally exhausting tasks in extreme environmental conditions.

Kossuth felszinel2

In addition to the large number of volunteers, the members of the Counter Terrorism Centre (TEK)– have joint the operation on Monday night. Their task is to help the organisation and the logistics and support the work of the professionals working inside the cave. The commander of TEK ordered a full news block on Monday in connection with the ongoing operation.

As soon as the Counter-Terrorism Centre lifts the news block, we will be happy to inform all those interested about the current situations and the results of the rescue process. It will also be possible to answer the many questions that have arisen since.

We would like to thank you for your support and for the understanding of the current situation.

Hungarian Cave Rescue Service