Blood donation again

2018veradasOn November 30, 2018, we organized the second blood donation event. Here are the brief results:

34 main blood donors X 4.5 dl of blood taken = 15.3 liters of blood (3 people).

This is how we were able to WORK TOGETHER to help those who were in a difficult situation! Thank you for every participant, we hope to see you all next year! For those who like more detail: This year, 34 of the 36 registered participants were able to donate blood. 5 of them were new blood donors, they are registered separately because they consider it important that those who do not yet have experience in this field have come and will probably return if everything goes well, ie they get into the system.

The core of participants consisted mainly of people from caving circles, but some people who wanted to help found us elsewhere. Again, it was a great opportunity for a little gettogether, a conversation over a slice of the famous hungarian "greasy bread".

2018veradas1Remember, your good habit can be repeated several times a year (men 5x a year, women 4x a year): 

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We would like to thank all the staff of the National Blood Supply Service for their perseverance, patience and the Danube-Ipoly National Park on Friday afternoon for providing the Szemlő-hegyi-cave reception building as a venue!

Photos: Márton Kovács