Earth Day at Pál-völgyi kőfejtő (Paul-valley quarry) 28/04/2019

2019foldnap1It has become a tradition that the Duna-Ipoly National Park celebrates the Earth Day together with other non-governmental organizations and this year was no exception to this tradition. The event has attracted and called outdoors many families again. The Hungarian Cave Rescue Service was happy to join to it. As usual, we made all the preparations for the cave rescue demonstration early Saturday afternoon in the territory of the quarry, where the visitors of the Pál-völgyi barlang (Paul Valley Cave) curiously spotted the sky as they reached to the exit.

Sunday event was visited by many people and fortunately the raining waited until the end of the day. We demonstrated how we carry the stretcher together in the event of an accident and the stretcher could also be tested by the visitors at our stand. 

Several families “tied up” their child in the stretcher, who tolerated it calmly with a wide smile on their face, while being carried under unusual circumstances. The Hungarian Cave Rescue Service in cooperation with the Hungarian Karst and Cave Research Society provided the children with the opportunity this year again to try wall climbing and to climb on a tree by way of using cavers’ rope technique. Special thanks to our enthusiastic volunteers.


Visitors could also get acquainted with various type of plants, animals, fungi and also with caves amongst inanimate natural values, ​​ at several stands, which were dedicated to environmental and nature conservation topics.

We hope we will meet again same place next year!

Fotó: Sárközy Ádám, Tamasi Dóra