First aid practice 2020

2020eu1On February 1, 2020, a basic first aid practice was organized for the third time for the Hungarian Cave Rescue Service by (Elsősegélynyújtás Oktatásáért Alapítvány).

The basic goal of these practices is to make our cave rescuers, both as civilians and as rescue workers during rescues, aware of the modern guidelines and aspects of basic first aid, as well as to gain practical experience in how to deal with injuries.

The current practice was attended by 21 people, 15 of them are members of the Cave Rescue Service, 2 people were members of the HUNOR (Hungarian National Organization For Rescue Services), and another 4 people were present as guests.

This practice also provided an opportunity to strengthen cooperation between the organizations above.

The day started with a theoretical introduction, where the participants could listen to an interactive introduction in a casual atmosphere about the use of basic wound care methods and fixation devices.

This was followed by the first practical block, where the bandages seen earlier were applied in small groups.

The second practical block was again held in small groups, where the participants updated their practical knowledge of basic resuscitation. On resuscitation phantoms the participants practised BLS, then the BLS + defibrillator use, and finally two providers switched during primary resuscitation.


In the third practice block, the company split in two, forming a semicircle for participating in a so-called frontal exercise. In the process, two-two provider took part in the simulations in a row, after a quick introduction by an instructor, they dealt with the injuries of the imitators. After the providing, the instructor led a conversation to discuss what was seen. In the simulated situations the injury modes ranged from mild to severe injuries, from bruises to amputation. In addition to providings, the instructors also placed great emphasis on laying positions and isolation.

After the lunch break, there was a simulation competition highlighting the day. Contrary to it’s name, this part was not really about competition, but rather about the game, as providers can test themselves without the risk of endangering the injured. In teams of two to three, the providers move from room to room, dropped into different situations in each room. Perhaps it is already conceivable that at each site a care of an accident was simulated. In addition to the imitators, there was also a competition judge at each venue, who was responsible for discussing the simulation with the teams and evaluating them based on a set of criteria. This year, the game was also themed, the simulation was based on the Days of the Caves event, on which the Cave Rescue Service took on the duty. And there was all reason for it!

From a cutted thigh at a cave entrance through a caver who fell into a pit, wading, finger-cutting, all sorts of things happened, to the crash of bikers in the night to be provided with flashlight lights. The individual teams stayed at the simulation sites for 10 minutes, of which 7 minutes were for the providing, and another 3 minutes were spent by the judges and the imitators reviewing and evaluating the services.

At the end of the competition, the teams gathered again for a short evaluation, to summarize the day. The most successful teams got bandages, and each participant was gifted with burn treatment gel, memorable experiences and practical knowledge

photos:, more pictures here