Another paragliding rescue on Kétágú Hill

2019 ketagu21 p.m on 29th of September, an alert recieved from a paraglider in serious trouble on the crown of a beech tree at the top of Kétágú Hill (Pilis, Klastrompuszta).

Our man could get out of his paraglider without injury and climb out among the tree branches. He was close to 30 meter high on the beech tree, and he recognised that the lowest branch of the tree is  about 15 meters high from the land, so he wisely decided not to try to climb down the tree.

He was able to send accurate coordinates by SMS, and the location can be reached about the Two Bükkfa Saddles away 1 km from by car and about 400 m by SUV.

Arriving at the place, it turned out that this incident was about 50 meters from the place from which a parachute was successfully lowered in July.

The current landing was even luckier than the previous. Because this beech tree was a living, healthy specimen, so it was possible to climb next to our man.

We climbed to the injured man by Alpine rope technique, established a fixed point, and successfully lowered him.

After the life saving, we also proceeded to gently remove the canopy. About 6:00 pm the canopy was already on the ground so that the canvas seemed intact, only a part of the cords had to be cut.

The reason for the landing between the trees was practically the same in the present and July cases: the wind speed was higher than the speed of the parachute gliding, so our man seemed to be gliding towards the selected landing site, but actually headed backwards what he could perceive too late.