Paraglider rescue in Csolnok


The son of the paraglider in trouble provided the following information from the ground: the paraglider is stuck about 6-8 meters high, has no injuries, is hanging approximately 2 m far from the trunk of a thicker tree, but unable to reach it. They could not provide their GPS coordinates.

In the meantime, we sent a longer ladder to the location.

We still could not get the GPS coordinates of the victim, but we received the phone number of the person who was there, which we shared with the cave rescuers who were on their ways.

In the forest we used a ute to get to the paraglider. We got to the troubled person before 5 pm and upon finishing the rescue process we lowered the paraglider safe to the ground, before 6 pm.

This has been followed by the rescue of the paraglide. From the start place and the nearby area we witnessed many paragliders flying quite close to each other which reminded us to a prior accident where two paragliders crashed a couple of years ago. Click here for the short video about this. Upon finishing the rescue, we packed up and left the hill. This was not the first time we have been here, a few years earlier we had a very similar incident, but that time the paraglider managed to reach a tree and climb onto it.

Specific hazards of the location are the intense traffic and the fact that once someone lacking the necessary height is blown above the forest, then he won’t be able to fly over the slightly sloping forest and land in the clearing near the carpark.

Photo: Szilard Egeto