Dislocated shoulder in Ferenc-hegy-cave

First aid in the cave

On the evening of September 08, 2015, a small group visited the Ferenc-hegyi-cave (click here for more information about the cave), opens near Törökvészi road at Budapest, II. district. The group had a permission, the leader was an experienced cave explorer. They were half-hour from the entrance in the so-called ’Mixer’ room about 30 m (ten floors) deep. During a climb in a narrow crevice - after a wrong move – he suffered a shoulder injury.

While climbing he reached back during the descend, he dislocated his right shoulder. After the accident the leader put him in safety, insulated with foil against hypothermia and fixed the limb. After first aid, he rushed to the surface and alerted the Cave Rescue Service (BMSz).

Transport is starting...

The alert recieved by the alarm leader of the BMSz at 8 pm and he immediately informed the members of the Service, who arrived to the cave with 3 doctors, a paramedic and 15 rescuers and started the treatment. After the medical care, the injured was laid in a special cave stretcher. At first he had to be transported from the Mixer to Bocskay room through a narrow but deep pit. During the treatment, a group of rescuers built up a ropeway that was used to lift the stretcher from the Bocskay room to the upper level (click here for the map of the cave, it contains the names of these places). The pull took about fifteen minutes, during this time the difference was reduced to 2-3 from ten levels. On a debris covered area the stretcher was given from hand to hand next to the so-called Éva-pit. At the end of this section there is a narrow, rocky gap where some unstable blocks had to be removed due to the safe pass of the injured. This operation took nearly a quarter of an hour. After this the stretcher was comfortably transportable to the entrance.

A ladder element in the entrance had to be removed to make enough space for the stretcher, here a pulley-system were built to pull the injured man to the surface.
A few minutes before midnight, the rescue team reached the surface, the injured man handed over to the Ambulance Service professionals who hospitalized him.

On the end of the first part of transporting

Photos: Adamkó Péter és ifj. Adamkó Péter